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  USANA produes three series of nutrition products: Micro-Nutrients (multivitamins and minerals), Macro-Nutrients (food and energy drink) and Personal Care (nutrients for skin and hair).
1) USANA Nutritionals: To maintain optimal health, the body needs a wide range of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, and other nutrients. These nutrients are often difficult to obtain in ideal doses through diet alone. To answer this need, USANA has formulated advanced, science-based nutritional supplements for every age group.
2) USANA Low GI Food: Discover the power of low GI foods and the importance of making good food choices. When you eat high-glycemic foods, it can cause your body’s blood glucose levels to quickly spike then crash, leading to feelings of hunger sooner. A better choice is to eat low-glycemic foods, which keep blood glucose levels stable, leave you feeling satisfied longer and help control your appetite. All USANA® Foods are clinically tested and guaranteed to be low-glycemic.
3) Sense Personal Care: USANA Sense beautiful science® skin care products offer an innovative approach to skin care. With groundbreaking, patented Self-Preserving Technology, Sense™ products contain no added chemical preservatives—meaning they stay fresh naturally - so they are more gentle and healthy for even the most sensitive skin.   
Prenatal CellSentials
   Price: $84.7
   Code: 151
    Prenatal CellSe¡­ Shop
   Price: $83.6
    Proglucamune Shop
CellSentials™ Pack
   Price: $84.7
   Code: 101
    CellSentials™&¡­ Shop
HepaPlus TM
   Price: $59.4
   Code: 135
    HepaPlus TM Shop
Nutrimeal™ Creamy Caramel
   Price: $0
    Nutrimeal™&nbs¡­ Shop
Whey Protein Booster
   Price: $39.6
   Code: 208
    Whey Protein&nb¡­ Shop
RESET 5-Day Jump Start
   Price: $107.8
   Code: 251
    RESET 5-Day&nbs¡­ Shop
FibergyTM Plus
   Price: $34.1
   Code: 226
    FibergyTM Plus Shop
Whitening Toothpaste
   Price: $17
    Whitening Tooth¡­ Shop
Celavive Hydrating + Lifting Sheet Mask
   Price: $35.2
    Celavive Hydrat¡­ Shop
Hydrating Eye Essence
   Price: $72
   Code: 340
    Hydrating Eye&n¡­ Shop
Vitalizing Serum
   Price: $105
   Code: 339
    Vitalizing Seru¡­ Shop
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