If you love USANA, there’s an easy way to help pay for your products (or even earn extra cash), simply by sharing what you love. Talk to your Independent USANA Associate to get started with your own USANA business today.


USANA Business


Who can become a USANA business owner (USANA Associate/Distributor) ?

USANA open business in 24 countries or districts: USA, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Neitherland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Tailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,  Mexico, Colombia, China and India (new!). 

If you are in one of above countries or districts above, you are eligible for running USANA business. You can enroll USANA Associate/Distributor online via the button below (except in China and India). If you are in China or India and want to do USANA business, please contact us.

What will you do when you become a USANA business owner?

If you are keen to run your own business in health and nutrition industry with USANA, please watch the video below, or contact us for details.

You can enroll online by yourself or let us help you enroll. 


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