USANA Hepaplus Hepa+

Live It Up with USANA Hepa+

It’s no secret your body deals with more environmental stress than your ancestors. Support your natural detoxification processes and let your liver live the good life with Hepa+.

Hepa+ is made with:  

  • Biotin             
  • Choline
  • Green Tea
  • Milk thistle
  • Broccoli concentrate 

Hepa+ supports your natural protective processes with USANA unique InCelligence Detox-Support Complex. This delivers a comprehensive array of phytochemicals, and USANA’s Olivol olive-fruit extract supports your natural processes at a cellular level. Plus, U.S. patented Nutritional Hybrid Technology combines ingredients into a bi-layered tablet for optimal support.  
Pair this liver supplement with lots of water, fewer fatty foods, and RSVP no to unnecessary chemicals.

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