USANA Active Nutrition

USANA Active Nutrition - Launched in Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada

USANA brand-new line of products—Active Nutrition is now available to shop! This dynamic lineup of products and resources activates your personal health journey and inspires you to cheer on your community.

It’s true, every body is different. Positive daily choices empower your lifestyle. A healthy mindset fuels your unique approach to personal health. Activate your life—and celebrate your journey—with new programs and products to achieve your holistic goals.

Our USANA Active Nutrition Lineup:

A happy, healthy lifestyle is fueled by great habits and smart nutrition. Experience a whole-body approach to nutrition by focusing on Weight Management, Digestive Health, and Energy. As you identify your goals, our Active Nutrition lineup brings you tasty, convenient solutions, along with customisable products and programs.

Weight Management

Your weight-management goals are individual to you. Convenient meal-replacement options, hunger-curbing snacks, and supporting a normal, healthy metabolism can amplify your daily, healthy habits.

Nutrimeal Active Meal Replacement Shake
A high-quality, reduced-sugar meal-replacement shake full of nutrient-dense ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.

Weight-management support supplement to enhance your progress and maintain a robust metabolism.

Peanut Butter Snack Bar
Fuel your day with healthy snacking—this delicious and nutritious bar packs peanut butter flavour while delivering real ingredients to satisfy hunger between meals.

USANA Active Nutrition 

Digestive Health

A balanced digestive system is essential to feel your best. Try these gut-healthy products to activate your daily routine.

Fibergy Active
A simple way to increase your daily fibre intake and nourish gut health—support regularity, feed essential bacteria, and feel satisfied after meals.

Digestive Health Protein Drink
An easy-to-digest protein drink for those who prefer a plant protein option. Digestive enzymes support the breakdown and absorption of vital nutrients.

Detox Tea Mix
Purifying herbs and detoxifying botanicals combine to nurture digestive health while quieting occasional digestive discomfort.


Convenient, high-quality nutrition together with the right mindset creates positive change. A healthy life is a journey, not a sprint. Support each step with Active Nutrition.
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