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Power Peak Mental Performance with Nootropics in USANA® CopaPrime+™

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USANA CopaPrime+

Help your mind focus, learn, and make and recall memories with a boost of brain nutrition made with InCelligence Technology™.

Life moves fast. To keep pace with daily demands, you need to be at your mental best. But constant disruptions and distractions make it hard to think straight—not to mention dealing with the normal challenges of healthy aging. Help is here. Now, you can maximize your mental performance and protect long-term cognitive health with USANA CopaPrime+.

 usana copaprime

The ingredients in CopaPrime+ deliver a boost of brain support. The formula features a potent combination of three naturally-derived nootropics—substances that support peak mental performance. American ginseng works with the InCelligence™ Cognitive-Support Complex—a blend of bacopa and coffee-fruit extract.*

CopaPrime+ nourishes your neurons (a type of brain cell) and increases levels of an important cognitive protein in your body to help deliver important benefits:

  • Support for thinking skills, alertness, and attention that aid learning and retention—even during times of stress*
  • Support for long- and short-term memory*
  • Support for keeping your brain healthy as you age to preserve mental sharpness*

It’s easy to lose focus in an ever-changing world full of packed schedules and pinging smartphones. But it is possible to take control of your cognition and reclaim your concentration.*

Give your brain nutrients that can help you maintain mental clarity, make memories that will last, and enhance your ability to think and learn—even when you’re under pressure. Whether you’re focused on family responsibilities, studying at school, or achieving career success, CopaPrime+ can help your brain keep up with the speed of life.*


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