Be Healthy 28-Day Challenge

Be Healthy 28-Day Challenge

You are invited to join us together to start "Be Healthy 28-Day Challenge" to win the prize.

28-Day Challenge

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you, so make the commitment to changing your health habits for the better with the Be Healthy 28-Day Challenge. We understand your goals are as unique as you are, so whether you’re on a mission to reduce weight, increase lean muscle, break a fitness plateau or just simply adopt healthier eating habits – the Be Healthy 28-Day Challenge will equip you with the tools to help achieve results.

From 28 March until the 24 April, purchase the limited edition Be Healthy 28-Day Tribe Pack (as an USANA Preferred Customer or Associate) and enter the challenge by the 30 June 2020 to WIN!

Winner 1st Prize – Apple Watch, Series 5 valued at $699
Runner-up 2nd Prize – Apple AirPods Pro valued at $399

For more information, please couact us.


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