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Active Nutrition Product Line are available to All Customers !!

USANA Active Nutrition launched exclusively to Associates on 31 March. And on 3 July, all customers will get their hands on this empowering lineup. 

Active Nutrition Product Line


Support your life in motion with USANA Active Nutrition. This comprehensive line of products takes a mindful approach to daily, whole-body health. Be empowered to take purposeful action to embrace healthy choices and make the most of every day.
The Active Nutrition Vision
Love Your Body. Change Your World.
The Active Nutrition Mission Statement
A holistic approach to weight management that feeds the body and educates the mind, supporting the goals of self-acceptance and a positive health journey.
The Power to Progress
Quality of life isn’t a number on the scale - it’s about how you feel. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and every element of a balanced lifestyle is amplified when you feel great both inside and out. That’s whyUSANA created Active Nutrition. Combined with daily movement, a whole foods diet, mindfulness, and self-acceptance, you can shape lifelong habits and change your life for the better.

Retails customers can order Active Nutrition products directly on this website without registration. 

Preferred Customers can log in their account to order online or order via Auto Order to save further 10%.

To enroll USANA Preferred Customer, please visit our Preferred Customer page.

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