How to order USANA products

How to order USANA products

USANA products are getting more popular in the market due to the high quality.  To get genuine usana products at reasonable prices, we need to order products through following channels.

1. Order USANA products offline directly from a USANA Distributor/Associate as a Retail Customer;

2. Order USANA products online as a Retail Customer on a USANA Distributor's website (exclusively for USANA products), approved by USANA Corporate.

For example, was approved by USANA Corporate (Approval No is ADV-280)  

3. Order USANA products as a USANA Preferred Customer. 

USANA company offers Preferred Customers some benefits, such as member prices (around 10% off the retail prices), Auto Order prices (10% off the member prices, excluding Celavive product line), and product credit by Refer A Friend program. 

To get these benefits, please enrol at USANA Preferred Customer Enrollment Page.

4. Order USANA Products as a USANA Associate/Distributor. This option is for the prople who want to distribute USANA products as his/her own business.


Note: If the products are obtained through other channels (such as Ebay, Amazon etc.) rather than the above mentioned, USANA company will not be responsible the quality of the products. 


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