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USANA Digestive Health Boost Kit

USANA Digestive Health Boost Kit

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A 28-day program with USANA products and resources to help achieve optimal digestion and regularity

USANA Active Nutrition is a comprehensive line of products to support your life in motion. Combined with daily movement, a whole foods diet, mindfulness, and self-acceptance, you can shape lifelong habits and change your life for the better.

The Active Nutrition Digestive Health Boost Kit includes four high-quality Active Nutrition products to support a balanced belly, and literature to inspire you during your program and beyond.

  • Digestive Health Protein Drink, Plain (14-serving gusset): Snack smart with this low-glycaemic drink that combines prebiotic fibre, plant-based protein, and digestive enzymes to help maintain a healthy gut microbiome. The plain flavour goes well in a green drink or protein shake and is refreshing enough to enjoy alone.
  • Digestive Health Protein Drink, Lemon Ginger (14-serving gusset): A lively lemon flavor adds variety for an added flavour boost.
  • Fibergy Active (28-serving gusset): Maintain good digestive health and feed your body’s microbiome with a soluble and insoluble fibre blend to help you feel full longer.
  • USANA Probiotic (14 stick packs): Balance your gut and support digestive health with convenient stick packs you can take alone or simply mix with water.
  • Detox Tea Mix (28 single-serve stick packs): Find relief from occasional discomfort with active ingredients rooted in Chinese medicine to soothe your mind and stomach.
  • Mix It Up Shake Recipes Card: Try new recipes and treat your tastebuds with a list of USANA-approved, whole-food ingredients to add to your next shake.
  • USANA’s Guide to a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle: Find a personal path to optimal wellness and discover the incredible benefits of nutrition science and how it relates to gut health.
  • Digestive Health Roadmap: Make your healthy goals a reality with a benefit-focused breakdown of the products and resources included in your Digestive Health Boost Kit.