USANA Balance for Your Belly Pack

USANA Balance for Your Belly Pack

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Balance for Your Belly Pack

This product experience pack includes a 28-day supply of our most popular digestion products.

The USANA Difference
Get your digestive system back in balance with this bundle of detox, immune, and digestion support products. The Balance for Your Belly Pack contains a selection of our most popular digestive health products, in addition to our core nutritionals.

What you’ll get in the Balance Your Belly Pack:

  • HealthPak™ (1)—A selection of high-quality supplements to promote overall long-term good health.
  • BiOmega (1)—Provides EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids to help support normal cardiovascular function and maintain good joint health.
  • USANA® Probiotic (2)—A digestive health formula containing 12 billion viable bacteria per serving.
  • Fibergy™ Active (2)—A powerful, prebiotic blend of soluble and insoluble fibres to support gut health.
  • Proflavanol® C100 (1)—Provides a potent antioxidant formula based on a synergistic combination of grape-seed bioflavonoids and Poly C™.
  • HepaPlus® (2)—A comprehensive, liver-support formula featuring the InCelligence® Detox-Support Complex.